iOS 10.2 and Newer: Apple Silently Introducing Hard-Wired Ethernet Over Lightning Connectivity

healthy Networking options: hard-wired Ethernet is faster and better for your health

Apple have very silently — one might even call it covertly — introduced a great hard-wired Ethernet (LAN) option into their mobile operating system iOS 10.2 and newer versions. To even SEE it on your device, you FIRST need a special cable though (Lightning to RJ-45 or Ethernet adaptor). Only when that one is plugged in, you will see ‘Ethernet’ between “WiFi” and “Bluetooth” under “Settings”.

We have tested this Ethernet Adaptor for iOS Devices and found it to be working swiftly, easily and overall nicely with both iPhone and iPod touch on one hand as well as iPad tablets on the other. A big plus of these adaptors is their significantly higher transmission speed compared to wireless transmission (WiFi or cellular/mobile networks). Also note that a hard-wired connection is much harder to attack.

The cheapest Apple device supporting iOS 10.2 or above and the “new” Ethernet feature is the current iPod touch 6 model with 32GB, setting you back from just £179.99. All “larger” ones, like 128GB and similar, as well as all “higher-rank” Apple devices like iPads and iPhones are higher-priced options providing the same hard-wired Ethernet capabilities mentioned here.

To be on the safe and EMF-free side, simply use an adaptor like that, power it FROM A GROUNDED power supply and a grounded outlet over a STP Cat-7 cable and you will be able to avoid all RF and most of the Electric Fields as well as DE while still using those apps.